Nemzetközi projektek Törökországban és Olaszországban

Az “ICT Tools for Youth Workers” projekt március 13-20. között kerül megrendezésre a törökországi Bitlis városában.

3 helyre lehet jelentkezni 18 és 30 éves kor között.

A projekt leírása angol nyelven:

Our project has been developed to ensure that youth workers and youth trainers learn about the use of ICT technologies in the field of youth work, to improve their competencies and to make up for the shortcomings in this area. As the Silk Road Culture and Tourism Association, we realized that while we were helping young people in Bitlis to participate in youth projects, we also lacked the use of ICT technologies in our association’s activities and that we have realized that usage of ICT technologies are enhancing the quality of youth work. In this context, we want to carry out the project to promote the use of ICT in youth work. Folytatás